Cow Track Ranch - Events Venue

From their Cow Track Ranch in Nicasio Valley, the Daniels welcome guests from all across the world to enjoy the sights and sounds of this diversified, family-owned ranch. Cow Track Ranch sweeps from the floor of Nicasio Valley up through shady side-canyons to steep slopes overlooking West Marin’s rolling hills. Lush grasslands in the valley give way to a mix of bay and live oak forests and coastal scrub on the slopes. Native bunch grasses persist in hard-to-reach hillside pockets, and redwoods tower in deep tributaries of Halleck Creek. This diverse landscape is a fitting place for the Daniels’ diversified agricultural operation: Black Angus and Texas Longhorn cattle graze the hillsides.
Welcoming Guests

In the summer of 2010, Liz and Bruce converted a guest cabin on the property into a bed-and-breakfast named the 'Bunk House'. Guests from all over the world come to stay at Cow Track Ranch while exploring West Marin. Bunk House visitors revel in the peaceful productivity of this working landscape. Under the Daniels' thoughtful stewardship, Cow Track Ranch has become a resilient, multi-faceted presence in Nicasio Valley. By welcoming guests to this MALT-protected landscape, the Daniels are ambassadors for sustainable agriculture in West Marin and beyond. 

Our ranch was established with the support of Marin Agricultural Land Trust. 

Black Angus cattle graze the land year-round where they raise their calves and a herd of Texas Longhorn cattle also reside at the ranch where their beauty is admired. A variety of seasonal produce and floral is grown in our fields and inside our handcrafted greenhouses. Many field trips have toured the ranch and helping hands have taken part in the garden throughout the seasons. We believe in sustainability and promoting agriculture for the generations to come.