Cow Track Ranch - Events Venue
Lavender and Sea Salt is a delicious flavor addition to an extraordinary meal. Marinade lamb, chicken and beef to perfection by adding beautiful flavor with this rub. Potatoes roast to perfection when lightly coated with olive oil and a pinch of salt. Not just for the kitchen! Make a relaxing and soothing bath to ease daily stress or use as a body scrub by adding essential oils. 

Rosemary Infused Grape Seed Oil shines with the intense taste and scent of freshly harvested herbs. Use this as a delicious dip for bread and add to meat for light flavor and perfect crust. Delicious flavor and aroma with a light texture. Heats up faster than other oils & makes a healthy alternative to other cooking oils. Grape seed oil is not hydrogenated and contains no trans-fat, no cholesterol, no sodium and no preservatives. An excellent source of Vitamin E and valuable antioxidants! Perfect addition to the pantry of a health conscious gourmet! 

Gourmet Garden Soap
Our excess produce is used for bar soaps which are handmade at Moon Essence in Petaluma. These soaps are gorgeously cut and carefully packaged as individual products. Many are sold in garden retail stores, local markets and other boutique retail locations. Seasonal scents include pear, plum, melon, carrot, cucumber parsley, rosemary-mint, lavender, pumpkin, tomato, blackberry, peach, grape and radish.
dried lavender sachetsLavender Sachets are suitable for making dresser drawers smell wonderful and they make a beautiful gifts! Nothing brings the fresh, clean fragrance of dried lavender to any room more elegant than a sachet. The scent lasts and these lovely little creations come in a variety of styles including silk hearts and carrots. Many equestrian friends enjoy these as accents to a tack box for the barn and they have been included with many show prize baskets.